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The Best HMC Restaurants in London

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The Best HMC Restaurants in London

Have you been looking for the best HMC restaurants in London? The Halal Monitoring Commission helps ensure that your favourite restaurants are genuinely using legitimate halal meats in their cooking. However, finding the best HMC restaurants in London can often be challenging – which is why we have outlined some of the best HMC restaurants in London as follows to help inform your decision.

Why leave this to chance; find the most effective solutions for your own dining needs with some of these top tips.

But remember – not every HMC restaurant is created equally, and while some dining destinations may be HMC certified, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee high-quality food. So, you should always consider both the menu options and a restaurant’s reputation before deciding on the ideal destination for you, too!

The Best HMC Restaurants in London

Finding delicious dining opportunities shouldn’t be challenging. Fortunately, we have outlined some of the most highly-praised and loved HMC restaurants in London, which can help ensure you get top results from every meal out. Go on – treat yourself to some of London’s finest halal-certified meals tonight!

1) Aziziye Restaurant - Dalston

Undoubtedly, one of London’s best and most popular HMC-certified restaurants has to be the stunning Aziziye Restaurant, which offers the perfect blend of refinement, sophistication, and charm. What’s more, its unique location underneath a genuine working mosque further adds to the experience, making this a destination for everyone to consider.

The Aziziye Restaurant specializes in providing premium Turkish-inspired dishes and meals and is typically moderately busy. Customers often highly praise the team’s excellent customer service, too. Naturally, this further ensures you’ll enjoy an amazing experience while visiting the restaurant. Be sure to try some of their delicious desserts, too; you’d be mad not to!

Where to find them: 117-119 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BU

Book your table: Aziziye Restaurant

2) Zu’s Sizzlers – Upton Park

If you’re looking for a delicious dining opportunity, Zu’s Sizzlers is definitely one to consider. Achieving high ratings from its customers, the restaurant is relaxed and features a simple, soothing style that’s easy to love. In addition, the restaurant has evolved over the years to place a very strong focus on the quality of its food, and this comes through well in the final result for each meal.

Among its most popular dishes include the grilled chicken and shawarma; however, the restaurant is also highly praice for its atmosphere and quick, friendly service.

However, one drawback of Zu’s is that it’s often pretty busy, and the premises generally consistently remain busy between 6pm and midnight. As such, if you’d like to try Zu’s Sizzlers, we recommend booking a table in advance. Luckily, booking your table is a simple process, so this is definitely worth considering, in our opinion.

Where to find them: 83 Green Street, Upton Park, London, E7 8JF

Book your table: Zu’s Sizzlers

3) Smart Buns - Hornsey

If you’re looking for a premium-quality burger restaurant that’s also HMC-certified, we definitely recommend starting with Smart Buns. Indeed, as far as premium-quality halal-friendly dining goes, few other restaurants can claim quite the same reputation as this excellent restaurant. As such, it’s definitely a worthwhile option to consider if you’ve been looking for first-rate, 100% beef burgers.

When booking a table with Smart Buns, we recommend heading down later in the evening (ideally after 9pm) or otherwise booking your table in advance. Indeed, the restaurant is often very busy around mid-evening, and this could stop you from getting a table. You won’t want to miss out, so don’t take the chance.

Where to find them: 83 Turnpike Lane, Harringay Ladder, Hornsey, London, N8 0DY

Book your table: Smart Buns

4) Super Kebab – Stoke Newington

Sometimes, there’s nothing nicer than a little cheap and cheerful comfort food – and this is where Super Kebab in Stoke Newington truly excels. As a specialist HMC-certified restaurant, the restaurant is undeniably one of the most highly-rated kebab shops in London, which makes it immediately recognisable. As a further unique point of note, Super Kebab is also a specialist Turkish

Where to find them: 54 Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7XB

Book your table: Super Kebab

5) Café Casablanca - Whitechapel

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a more laid-back dining experience – and this is where the Café Casablanca London excels. Perfect for authentic homemade food, Café Casablanca offers a little of everything, and is also open all day. From an all-day Asian or English breakfast to curries, biryanis, and more, it’s a varied and versatile menu. All the while, the rustic, simple finish makes this excellent café hard not to immediately fall in love with.

Where to find them: 36 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 1JX

Book your table: Café Casablanca

6) Galitos Piri Piri – Croydon

Fancy something with a little bit of a kick? If so, then the incredible Galitos Piri Piri might just be one of the best HMC restaurants in London for you to consider! Highly praised in particular for its excellent value for money dishes and delicious food, it’s a good option to consider if you’ve been looking for a halal-friendly KFC alternative in London. What’s more, the restaurant is also often relatively quiet, being a hidden gem in Croydon; if you don’t enjoy the massively bustling environment of many other restaurants, this could be a further selling point to consider. Make sure to try out their regular offers, too, to save even more money on the already affordable prices!

Where to find them: 422 Streatham High Road, Croydon, London, SW16 3SN

Book your table: Galitos Piri Piri

7) Thai n Pie – Bethnal Green

It might not seem like a classic combination. Still, considering the staggering number of people adore this excellent Bethnel Green restaurant, it’s clear that it’s definitely a good mix. With a little something for every diner, from young children to mature adults, it’s perhaps one of the most versatile restaurants on this list.

What’s more, it’s often rather unknown, and many people aren’t aware of this excellent restaurant (perhaps ignored due to Nando’s Whitechapel being just down the road). This means that the restaurant is often calmer and more accessible for those who know about it.

Where to find them: 45 Mile End Road, Bethnel Green, London, E1 4TT

Book your table: Thai n Pie

8) Dynamite Burger – Stoke Newington

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Well, with the incredible Dynamite Burger restaurant in Stoke Newington, you can be confident of something for every meat lover – even if they’re usually burger sceptics. In addition, the pleasant American theme comes through clearly, and the excellent value for money menu is something that will come as a shock to many new diners.

Indeed, few local restaurants are able to offer such a premium-quality range of freshly cooked meals. What’s more, with several different dishes on offer, it’s a versatile dining experience for every preference. Of course, its range isn’t quite as varied as many other brands, but this is really the only drawback overall.

Where to find them: 96a Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7NY

Book your table: Dynamite Burger

9) Mr Wong’s Wok and Bok - Bethnal Green

When cravings for a delicious Chinese meal or takeaway take your fancy, Mr Wong’s Wok and Bok might be just the restaurant you need. Located just by the main Stepney Green underground station, it’s one of the most easily accessible restaurants on this list. As such, if you’re looking for the best HMC restaurants in London that aren’t going to take hours to find, this is a great option to consider.

However, it’s worth considering that the restaurant typically remains moderately busy all day between 12 pm and 12 am. As such, we recommend booking a table to avoid disappointment!

Where to find them: 237 Mile End Road, Bethnal Green, London, E1 4AA

Book your table: Mr Wong’s Wok and Bok

10) Le Madison Steak House - Whitechapel

If you’ve been craving some freshly cooked, perfectly finished American-style meats, why not try Le Madison Steak House? Not only is it fully HMC-certified, but it offers a huge amount of choice, from fish and chips to perfectly cooked chops, burgers, and plenty more! Just don’t head here if you’ve been trying to follow a diet; each of these recipes is undeniably lavish and succulent, but they’re not exactly a health-conscious decision!

The only drawback is that the customer service may be a little slower than for some of the other restaurants on this list – but it remains an excellent destination to consider.

Where to find them: 51 Raven Row, Whitechapel, London, E1 2EG

Book your table: Le Madison Steak House

11) Mahdi Restaurant - Hammersmith

The Mahdi restaurant is undeniably one of the most popular restaurants near Hammersmith and provides a wide selection of authentic Persian meals. One of this gorgeous restaurant’s most notable features is its carved wood aesthetic, which makes it inviting and welcoming.

All the while, the stunning water feature really helps add a touch of luxury to this breathtaking Persian restaurant.

Where to find them: 215-217 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9JT

Book your table: Mahdi Restaurant

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, finding top-quality dining opportunities in London can seem a little tricky. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of amazing destinations, of course – however, in many cases, these restaurants are not always created equally. What’s more, this decision becomes even trickier when you’re looking for an HMC-certified restaurant. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. So, you can enjoy the most delicious, mouthwatering HMC-certified meals overall.


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