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Best Kerala Restaurants in London

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Best Kerala Restaurants in London

When it comes to your dining opportunities, it’s crucial to consider the ideal choice of restaurant for your needs. However, in many cases, it’s not always clear which options are among the best Kerala restaurants in London – which is why our experts are on hand today to help!

We’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know today about some of the best Kerala restaurants in London; hopefully, this will allow you to choose the ideal destination for your own dining needs.

The Best 13 Kerala Restaurants in London

Finding top-quality Kerala food is often a struggle. Thisi s further compounded by the fact that, compared to many other niches, Kerala restaurants in London can be few and far between. Still, if you ask us, this shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on an authentic Keralan dining experience.

With this thought in mind, the following thirteen options are among the best Kerala restaurants in London – you might just find they’re the perfect solution for your own dining needs.

1) Taste of Cochin – Raynes Park

For our first choice on today’s list of the best Keralan restaurants in London, we’d be hard-pressed to find an establishment better suited than Taste of Cochin in Raynes Park, just a short distance from Wimbledon.

While it’s not as central as many of the other restaurants we’ve outlined today, this excellent Keralan restaurant provides a contemporary but comfortable dining experience that’s relaxed and laid-back – often just what you need to feel great.

Plus, with surprisingly affordable prices and hearty portion sizes, you know you won’t leave here hungry!

Where to find them: 9 Approach Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8BA

Book a table: Taste of Cochin

2) Shilpa Indian Restaurant - Hammersmith

Very nearly bordering both the River Thames and Ravenscourt Park, it’s easy to see the appeal of the Shilpa Indian Restaurant. And, since this excellent establishment provides a full menu of traditional Keralan recipes, finished with a unique modern twist, it’s definitely a great option to consider if you’ve been unsure about the best destination for your own dining goals.

However, it’s worth considering that the Shilpa Indian Restaurant is often quite busy, especially after 7 pm or so; as such, booking a table is vital.

Where to find them: 206 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 0RA

Book a table: Shilpa Indian Restaurant

3) Quilon - Westminster

If you’re looking for upmarket dining opportunities, Quilon could be just the destination for you! Being located in the heart of Westminster and specialising in premium, south-western Indian cuisine, it’s not the cheapest option on today’s list.

Still, if it’s top-quality dining you’ve been searching for, and can justify paying a little more than average for your meal, Quilon could be the best Kerala restaurant in London for you!

This Michelin Star restaurant is undeniably popular, though, especially into the mid-evening; so, it’s worth planning your trip around this to ensure you get great service.

Where to find them: 41 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London, SW1E 6AF

Book a table: Quilon

4) Ragam - Soho

Located just outside of Soho, the Ragam Restaurant could be just what you need if it’s a cosy, quaint dining experience you’re looking for. Specialising in Kerala recipes and dosa pancakes, in particular, this excellent restaurant is highly praised for the quality of its food.

Perhaps the only critique is the somewhat smaller portion sizes compared to many other Keralan restaurants in London, but considering the price, this is certainly excusable – and allows enough room to try all of their delicious starters, too!

It’s easily accessible with numerous Underground stations all around, including Doodge Street to the South East, Euston Square Underground Station to the North East, and Great Portland Street to the North West. As such, you won’t have to worry about getting here – making it an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t feel like trying to navigate London.

Where to find them: 57 Cleveland St, London W1T 4JN

Book a table: Ragam

5) Kamasutra Indian Restaurant - Hammersmith

As one of London’s most highly-rated Indian restaurants, we’d strongly recommend visiting the Kamasutra Indian Restaurant in Hammersmith for a fine dining experience.

The contemporary feel of this restaurant admittedly loses some of that authentic Indian experience; however, with a broad flavour combination, it’s sure to leave a lovely taste in your mouth.

Where to find them: 2 Holcombe Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9JR

Book a table: Kamasutra Indian Restaurant

6) Vijay – North Maida Vale

With a reputation going back decades, Vijay has been operating as a specialist Southern Indian eatery since 1960 – and has gained itself an excellent reputation for top-quality Kerala dining during that time, too. Don’t let the bright, vibrant modern exterior put you off; this excellent restaurant offers a fun, buzzing atmosphere and authentic cooking style that you will love.

Plus, it’s just a stone’s through from the Kilburn Grange Park, which could be an excellent destination for a post-dinner stroll.

Where to find them: 49 Willesden Lane, North Maida Vale, London, NW6 7RF

Book a table: Vijay

7) Vijaya Krishna - Tooting

Though it’s not exclusively a Kerala restaurant, there’s no doubt that Vijaya Krishna is one of the most highly-loved destinations for premium-quality Kerala food in London. It’s typically pretty quiet, as well, which means you won’t need to worry too much about getting a table (though we still recommend you book in advance).

Vijaya Krishna is located just across the road from the Tooting Broadway Underground Station, too, so access is excellent – no matter where in London you might live or be staying.

Where to find them: 114 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London, SW17 9NG

Book a table: Vijaya Krishna

8) Ananthapruam – East Ham

If you’re less concerned about atmosphere and more looking for an authentic Keralan dining experience, Ananthapruam in East Ham could be the perfect destination. It’s highly praised for its Keralan dishes and wide menu options; however, it can get very busy, especially late in the evening. Of course, that’s a great sign, but it’s worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment when you arrive.

Where to find them: 241A High Street North, East Ham, London, E12 6SJ

Book a table: Ananthapruam

9) Taste of Kerala – Croydon

It may be a little further out, but if you’re looking for an affordable, tasty, and laid-back dining experience, Taste of Kerala might be just what you need.

It’s often described as a “no frills” dining experience, but sometimes, that’s just what you need. Simple, delicious food with an authentic blend of spices you’re sure to love makes it easy to see why people come back time and time again, despite its more rustic approach to presentation.

Where to find them: 305 London Road, Croydon, London, CR0 3PA

Book a table: Taste of Kerala

10) Malabar Junction - Soho

Malabar Junction’s unique take on traditional recipes could be ideal if you’re looking for a slightly more contemporary Keralan dining experience. Indeed, while their fruity twist may not be to everyone’s preference, it’s well worth trying if you’re ever in or around Soho.

Plus, it’s just a few minutes from the Tottenham Court Road public transport stop, making it excellent for access on an Elizabeth line train or a Central/Northern line underground network.

Where to find them: 107 Great Russel Street, Soho, London, WX1B 3NA

Book a table: Malabar Junction

11) Pathiri Restaurant - Greenwich

For a more casual, relaxed Keralan dining experience, the Pathiri Keralan Restaurant in Greenwich could be the perfect opportunity to consider. It’s a low-key dining experience that strongly contrasts the sophistication and elegance of many other Keralan restaurants. And while this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s fair to say that you’ll enjoy an excellent dining experience.

Their Keralan-inspired dosas and sadyas are often particularly popular, so we’d recommend giving these a try while visiting.

Where to find them: Pathiri Restaurant

Book a table: 119 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9TX

12) Rasa South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant – Stoke Newington

For a budget-friendly, authentic experience, why not consider visiting the excellent Rasa restaurant in Stoke Newington? Specialising in Keralan vegetarian curries specifically, this unique restaurant provides excellent quality dining for an almost unbeatable price. It’s also open for longer than many other restaurants, with service starting at lunchtime (a typically quiet affair), so it could be the ideal destination for a more laid-back dining experience.

Where to find them: 55 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0AR

Book a table: Rasa South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

13) Anjanaas - North Maida Vale

The only reason we haven’t rated Anjanaas higher on our list of the best Keralan restaurants in London is that it also offers a range of other dishes, being a more generalist Indian restaurant. However, if it’s delicious Keralan cuisine you’re looking for, the Anjanaas Keralan menu could be ideal. In fact, this is actually one of the most common reasons for people to visit this excellent restaurant!

Dishes such as their appam and parotta are especially loved among past customers, and we’d recommend considering these if you’re not sure where to start. The menu is pretty big, after all, so it can seem a little overwhelming at first.

Where to find them: 57-59 Willesden Lane, North Maida Vale, London, NW6 7RL

Book a table: Anjanaas

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for an authentic Kerala dining experience, today’s picks for the best Kerala restaurants in London could be excellent options to consider. Of course, it’s worth considering here that not every restaurant will necessarily provide the ideal dining experience for your own needs. So, to get the most from your time out, be sure to scrutinise each carefully to find the perfect destination.


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