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15 Of The Best Ghanaian Restaurants in London

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15 Of The Best Ghanaian Restaurants in London

Have you been looking for something a little different for your next meal? If so, then you may have considered visiting some of the best Ghanaian restaurants in London.  

Of course, this isn’t always an overly straightforward decision to make, since, the best restaurants will inevitably vary depending on who you ask.

With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at the fifteen best Ghanaian restaurants in London as far as we're concerned; hopefully, this will help you find a dining delicacy that’s perfect for your next meal out.

The 15 Best Ghanaian Restaurants in London

Everyone’s looking for something a little different when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat out - that’s only understandable! With this thought in mind, we’ve done our best to gather a broad collection of incredible restaurants as follows to ensure that there’s something for every diner.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful meal out or a Ghanaian experience that’ll blow you away, there’s something for everyone.

1) Connie’s Authentic Ghanaian Restaurant - Stratford

If you’re looking for a genuine Ghanaian dining experience in the comfort of luxurious and sophisticated surroundings, Connie’s Authentic Ghanaian Restaurant is the place to look.

You’ll never leave hungry with exceptionally hearty dishes and generous portion sizes. Located on Woodgrange Road in Stratford, not far from Wanstead Park, it’s an ideal place to stop if you’re in the mood for some warming food.

Where to find them: 85-87 Woodgrange Rd, London, E7 0EP

Book a table: Connie's

2) Accra Palace Ghanaian Restaurant - Hackney

Accra Palace is one of the most highly-loved Ghanaian restaurants near Upper Clapton Road. Accra Palace is a great place to visit if you’re looking for delicious cuisine. With highly flavourful dishes that are packed with exceptional flavours that are sure to give any diner a delicious treat.

Plus, with very generous portion sizes, you know you won’t be leaving hungry – although the price can be slightly higher than in some other Ghanaian restaurants.

Where to find them: 140A Upper Clapton Rd, London, E5 9JZ

Book a table: Accra Palace

3) Sweet Handz Ghanaian Restaurant - Islington

If you’ve been looking for an amazing Ghanaian restaurant in London and ask around Holloway, you’ll almost certainly be referred to the iconic Sweet Handz Ghanaian Restaurant.

Well known for its delicious and hearty goat stew and goat curries in particular, the dishes on offer with this much-loved restaurant will certainly remind you of traditional African dining.

It might not be the biggest restaurant in London, and there’s certainly a very casual feel to dining here, but any visit here is likely to be one you remember.

Where to find them: 217 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8DL

Book a table: Sweet Handz

4) Mozah Anx - Camberwell

Often considered one of the best Ghanaian restaurants in London, the Mozah Anx offers a little of everything. Delicious food, amazing customer service, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s hard to forget. No wonder people flock to the restaurant time after time!

Where to find them: 278 Camberwell Rd, London, SE5 0DL

Book a table: Mozah Anx

5) Akwaaba Kitchen - Camberwell

Combining a wide selection of delicious West African flavours, Akwaaba Kitchen is well known for its delicious Ghanian-inspired food and dishes with a twist. As such, it could be a great place to consider if you’re looking for a delicious, contemporary taste that’s genuinely delicious and hard to say no to.

The exceptionally fast service times are an especially notable selling point, coupled with the amazing customer service and excellent portion sizes.

Where to find them: 342 Camberwell New Rd, London, SE5 0RW

Book a table: Akwaaba

6) Adwoa’s Kitchen Ghanaian Restaurant - Crystal Palace

Located very near to Crystal Palace Park, if you’re looking for a delicious dining opportunity in a relaxed, comfortable, and minimalistic environment, Adwoa’s Kitchen could be just the place you need.

With delicious and expertly cooked Ghanaian dishes and plenty of choice – something that can often be lacking among Ghanaian restaurants – it’s a clear favourite among many people. As such, whether you’re looking to try a new cuisine or enjoy the rich and warming flavours of home, Adwoa’s Kitchen could be the place for you.

Where to find them: 35 Whitehorse Lane, London, SE25 6RD

Book a table: Adwoa's

7) Bongo Bar And Restaurant - Tottenham

Located near Markfield Park, Bongo Bar and Restaurant offers a comfortable and informal dining destination for those looking for something a little calmer and laid back for their next meal. It’s not finished to quite the same standards as some of the other restaurants on this list in terms of décor, but there’s something quite homely about the restaurant’s slightly less touched-up finish.

And, as far as the food goes, you’ll be in for a treat on almost every occasion; plenty of delicious dishes, even including genuine goat soap – a hearty and filling staple that you’ll absolutely adore.

Where to find them: 65-67 Broad Lane, London, N15 4DJ

Book a table: Bongo Bar

8) Agrobeso African Cuisine - Peckham

Offering a wide selection of African dishes but rated most highly for its top-quality, delicious Ghanian-inspired dishes and recipes, Agrobeso African Cuisine is one of the best and most-loved Ghanian restaurants in London.

Located near Camberwell, the restaurant is easy to get to for many people. Plus, with bright, vibrant, and hearty meals and a buzzing atmosphere, this restaurant is one you’ll definitely want to try! Just try to book your times carefully, as popular times typically vary wildly from day to day.

Where to find them: 39 Peckham High St, London SE15 5SL

Book a table: Agrobeso

9) Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen - Brixton

If you’re looking for an iconic Ghanian restaurant, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen could be perfect! The founder, Zoe Adjonyoh, has previously taken centre stage during a National Geographic Food Festival in 2019, so it’s safe to say that you’ll be in for a treat.

With delicious recipes, along with pop-up dining experiences and even private dining opportunities, this excellent on-the-go restaurant is the perfect option for those wanting to treat themselves.

Where to find them: Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, London, SW9 8PQ

Book a table: Zoe's

10) The Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant - South Norwood

Offering dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery services, the Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant is an excellent location for anyone wanting authentic Ghanaian food in a fun, bright, and upbeat atmosphere.

The restaurant also welcomes a live band at the weekend and serves into the early morning hours, so it is an excellent destination to treat yourself. The goat meat stew in particular is a real favourite, although you should be prepared to wait a little while for service.

Where to find them: 24 Portland Rd, London, SE25 4QB

Book a table: The Gold Coast Bar

11) Safari London - Streatham

Eating out doesn’t always have to cost the earth – or your wallet. Luckily, Safari London makes this easy for those wanting to try irresistible Ghanaian recipes in a simple, comfortable location.

There’s also something truly iconic about the design of this unique property; the restaurant’s beams add instant character to the property, really helping you settle in and feel at home.

Where to find them: 440 Streatham High Rd, London, SW16 3PX

Book a table: Safari London

12) Cocos Restaurant - Finsbury Park

As a specialist West African-inspired restaurant in the heart of Finsbury Park, it’s clear to see why Cocos attracts so many people looking to try something a little bit different or enjoy a taste of home.

The friendly customer service and excellent recipes help ensure that a trip to Cocos should go excellently – although the exterior of the restaurant admittedly leaves much to be desired.

Where to find them: 1 Stroud Green Rd, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DQ

Book a table: Cocos

13) Asafo Ghanian Restaurant - Brixton

If you’re looking for an iconic Ghanaian restaurant near Brixton Hill, London, the Asafo Ghanaian Restaurant might be just what you need. Be prepared – it’s often incredibly busy, so you may need to book in advance. What’s more, the décor in the restaurant can be a little more lacking than in many other Ghanaian restaurants around London.

However, you’ll rarely find another local restaurant that provides such excellent service and delicious, authentic, and irresistible Ghanaian cuisine. A real favourite for many guests, it’s no surprise that people come back time after time.

Where to find them: 60 Morrish Rd, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 4EG

Book a table: Asafo

14) Afrikiko Bar Restaurant and Club - Peckham

For those looking to try Ghanaian food for the first time but who aren’t quite ready to immerse themselves in the full Ghanaian experience, the Afrikiko Bar, Restaurant, and Club could be a great destination. Serving a wide range of traditional Ghanaian food in a contemporary British setting, this restaurant offers a unique blend of cultures that’s potentially a great stepping stone.

It’s truly an excellent destination to consider if quality food is the most important thing for you. But, if you’re looking for a full Ghanaian experience, other restaurants may be better equipped.

Where to find them: 871 Old Kent Rd, London, SE15 1NX

Book a table: Afrakiko

15) Embra Soira - Finsbury Park

It’s not a Ghanaian exclusively, but if you’re most concerned about the quality of the food over a traditional Ghanaian experience, Embra Soira is definitely one restaurant to add to your list.

Located in Finsbury Park, this incredible restaurant achieves some of the highest reviews locally, and offers consistent excellent and delicious food for its diners. With excellent sharing platters, massive portions, and friendly staff who genuinely enjoy their job, it’s no surprise that Embra Soire performs so highly.

Plus, with plenty of African and Ghanaian-inspired dishes to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Where to find them: 10 Crouch Hill, Finsbury Park, London N4 4AU

Book a table: Embra Soira

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect place to enjoy your favourite Ghanaian dishes can often seem like a challenge. However, while this can be a little difficult, it doesn’t have to be impossible – which is why our experts have outlined some of the best Ghanaian restaurants in London today.

Hopefully, this may help you find the ideal place to eat out for your own dining preferences; after all, there’s something truly delicious about freshly cooked Ghanaian food, and we hope today’s brief guide will have helped inspire you.

Have you tried any of our picks for the best Ghanian restaurants in London? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you about own experiences too!


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